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EAMI Endorsed Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music Training Programmes

In this section you will find links to European training programmes in Guided Imagery and Music endorsed by EAMI. The process of endorsing European training programmes started spring 2020, and is ongoing. 
EAMI members can read more about the EAMI accreditation process through this link.

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Instituto Música, Arte, Proceso.
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

GIM Training programme run by Esperanza Torres. PhD., MT, Psychologist, Director of the Master's Degree in Music Therapy at the MAP Institute

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Institute Imago, Munich, Germany

Trainings in German & English language

GIM Training programme run by Leonina Kaestele, PhD.

Training in GIM, Guided Affective Imagery (H.C. Leuner) and  MARI Coaching  (

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Institute for Music, Imagination and Therapy (IMIT), Berlin, Germany

GIM Training programme run by Prof. Dr. Isabelle Frohne-Hagemann.




IMAGEing - European Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Trainings and 

Trainings in Music Breathing

GIM and Music Breathing Training programs run by Dag Körlin, MD, PhD, Specialist in General Psychiatry, Certified Psychotherapist

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Institute for Music and Consciousness

Continuum Model of Guided Imagery and Music. Level III by

Dr Lisa Summer



Nordic GIM Institiute (NGI), Copenhagen, Denmark

GIM Training programme run by:

Dr. Torben Moe: Music therapist & Primary GIM Trainer, Senior Researcher region Zeeland, DK.

Gunn-Karoline Fugle:  Cand Philol, music therapist, GIM- therapist, body-oriented psychotherapist, specialist in clinical pedagogy and psychotherapy.

Jaana Lehikoinen: Music therapist MA, GIM- therapist, trauma and body- oriented psychotherapist, psychiatric nurse.

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