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Training in GIM is attained through a training programme endorsed by the European Association of Music and Imagery (EAMI) or the Association for Music and Imagery (AMI). All programmes presented on this website are endorsed and accredited by EAMI.

The successful completion of a training programme in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music qualifies you to become a professional member and to apply to become an EAMI-accredited BMGIM Therapist.

Music and Imagery (MI) - Methods can be integrated into the training (classical BMGIM training) or offered as separate and independent EAMI-endorsed MI courses, qualifying to become a professional and further an accredited MI-Therapist.

Here you find the

EAMI endorsed BMGIM Trainings and EAMI accredited MI Methods


While each training programme has its approach, all BMGIM programmes lead a trainee to become a professional member with the option to apply to become an EAMI Accredited GIM Therapist. Trainers are EAMI Accredited BMGIM Trainers or AMI Primary Trainers and highly experienced Bonny Method therapists who meet and maintain additional standards to provide EAMI-endorsed training in the method.

This section will find all the EAMI-Endorsed Training Programmes in Guided Imagery and Music (The Bonny Method) and EAMI-endorsed and accredited European training programmes in Music & Imagery methods.

EAMI members can read more about the EAMI accreditation process in the members’ area.

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