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EAMI General Assembly 
September 26th, 2020

Due to the extraordinary situation of the corona pandemic, the General Assembly of EAMI will take place online on Saturday September 26th, 2020, at 11.00 Central European time. The GA is open for EAMI members only.

Preregistration for the GA will be necessary no later than September 6th, 2020. EAMI members paid for 2020 membership can use this link to preregister for the General Assembly: 
Insert your personal email address you have used for registrer as a an EAMI member in the open box. 

Practical information

We will use the zoom platform and are currently working to set up the practical details and to find a user-friendly way to conduct the voting procedures. We do not yet have all this in place and will send out more information when this has been thoroughly investigated. Also, it might be good to know already now, that we plan to offer some timeslots beforehand when it will be possible to “try out and practice” getting online so that we can aim to start on time and mini- mise technical difficulties. Furthermore, we trust that you understand that it is essential that each person who is planning to attend the GA take the responsibility for organizing a reliable and stable internet connection. Thank you.

Procedure for early voting prior to General Assembly
As announced in our two most recent newsletters, for our upcoming General Assembly (GA) on Sep 26th 2020 we need an early vote on a few proposals in order to conduct the GA online and in the most optimal way.


Saturday September 5th, we sent all active members a personal link to the early vote by email using the system OpaVote. 

The schedule is that early voting will run for twelve full days and ENDS ON SATURDAY SEP 19TH 2020 at 12PM CET.
Active members will be informed about the voting results once the voting time has ended.

And last but not least, a note on our choice of voting system: 

We have chosen OpaVote as our voting system because it offers the necessary security, flexibility and reasonable pricing required for our purposes. The system is geared mostly towards elections, which you might notice, but works just as well for our purposes with amendment voting and other kinds of voting.

Important documents for
EAMI General Assembly 2020

Click on the EAMI logos below to read the prepared documents for the General Assembly. 









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