Previous European GIM/EAMI Conferences

European GIM conferences were held biennially by European Network of Guided Imagery and Music (ENGIM) until our association EAMI was founded in Greece in 2016. In 2018 we held our first EAMI conference in Ireland, and the second one was supposed to take place in Denmark in September 2020. Due to the covid-19 crisis, a virtual conference was held in 2020, and the physical conference was postponed until September 2022. You can read about the upcoming conference in 2022 here.


The section below is an overview of all our European GIM / EAMI conferences. The conference archive is accessible for members of  EAMI through the Members Area.  

You can read about the Roots and branches of The European Network of Guided Imagery and Music in this article by Margareta Wärja.

The history of GIM in Europe can be read about in this article by Lars Ole Bonde.

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2nd EAMI

Virtual conference 2020

"How can the music empower GIM clients to find their path?"


11th European
GIM Conference

Berlin, Germany 2014

"Consciousness, Neuroscience, Society:  GIM in a Changing World"


9th European
GIM Conference

Laguardia, Spain 2010

"Music, Imagery and psychotherapy"


7th European
GIM Conference

Ammerdown, England 2006

"The Call of the Grail"


5th European
GIM Conference

Krummendeich, Germany 2002

"5th European GIM Conference"


3rd European
GIM Conference

Grävlingsberg, Sweden 1998

"Move on with the music"

Minton house Findhorn.jpg

1st European
GIM Conference

Minton House, Findhorn, Scotland 1996

"Roots and Branches"


1st EAMI

Termonfeckin, Ireland 2016

"Realising New Stories through GIM"  


10th European
GIM Conference

Vadstena, Sweden 2012

"The Spiritual Dimension of GIM, Body, Mind, Soul and Music"


8th European
GIM Conference

Fevik, Norway 2008

"Creativity, Improvisation, Culture"


6th European
GIM Conference

Bulgaria 2004



4th European
GIM Conference

Portoferraio, Elba Italy 2000

"The Dragons Energy - metaphor and metamorphosis"


2nd European
GIM Conference

Magleås, Denmark 1997

"The first steps"