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EAMI Membership

How to join the European Association of Music and Imagery and become an EAMI member

1: Register here (link opens in new tab)

Click 'subscribe', then fill in your information, select a membership type, and pay the membership fee. You will receive a receipt right after the payment is made. You can print the receipt, messenger it, and you will also receive it via e-mail.

2: Accreditation

As a registered Professional Member, and in some cases as Honorary Member, it is possible to apply for Accreditation. EAMI Accreditation certifies certain quality standards and needs to be re-applied for every 5 years. After successful membership registration (above), you will find information on the accreditation procedure in the membership section of the EAMI website.

Membership types
as cited in the EAMI constitution (highlights for better understanding):

“ [...]

v) There are four categories of membership:
  a) Professional membership, is open to those paying members who have completed an approved course of study in GIM that meets the requirements of the European Association of Music and Imagery (EAMI) endorsed training programmes.
  b) Student membership, open to all persons enrolled in an EAMI endorsed training programme, or an AMI endorsed training programme that meets the requirements of the EAMI Training Standards.
  c) Honorary membership may be conferred by the Board and is not subject to annual fees, for example in recognition of service and/or substantial contribution to the organisation.
  d) Associate membership, open to all persons in good standing with the association but not including voting rights.

Membership fee

450 DKK annually

Please note that exact pricing in dependent on current conversion rates. The membership fee equals to approx. 60-65 EUR.

Payment options

PayPal or credit card

How to renew memberships

Toward the end of your membership period you will receive an email from our system with instructions and a link for membership renewal.

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