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European Association of Music and Imagery (EAMI)

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European Association of Music and Imagery

EAMI's purpose is to inform about, stimulate and enhance practice, education and research in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), originally created by Helen Lindquist Bonny.


The European Association of Music and Imagery is an association of GIM trainers, -fellows, -students and interested parties.

EAMI is a continuation of the more loosely organized European network of Music and Guided Imagery. It will be a spin-off from the Association of Music and Imagery (AMI), and a sister organisation to the Music and Imagery Association of Australia.

At the European GIM conference in Berlin September 2014, a preliminary version of EAMI was formed. The board was given the task to fully prepare for the formation of the EAMI proper, which was inaugurated at the constitutional assembly at the European Conference of Music and Imagery in Athens, september 2016.

The membership page describes how to become a member.

What is GIM

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) is a music-centred integrative form of psychotherapy. Specifically programmed music is used to facilitate a dynamic exploration of consciousness and inner experiences in support of physical and psychological transformation and well-being. 

How does it work

The client listens to a programme of music in a relaxed state, allowing subconscious material in the form of imagery, memories or feelings to surface into conscious awareness. This experience is then shared verbally with the therapist (guide). During the session the guide interacts through the employment of a series of non-analytical, non-directive interventions. Each session is made up of a preliminary discussion, induction/relaxation, guided music imaging and return/postlude discussion, lasting  1 to 2 hours. A more thorough description of the method and its roots by the originator Helen Lindquist Bonny can be found here.

Who can use GIM

GIM is used with individual clients and also in group settings as a healing tool to address a broad range of psychological and self-development issues.

How can I try it out

GIM fellows are trained therapists, who offer sessions in almost all areas of the world.
Senior GIM students offer training sessions for a reduced price


Qualification as a GIM therapist is attained through a training programme, currently endorsed by the Association of Music and Imagery (AMI), leading to an AMI Fellowship.

International GIM Conferences

European GIM conferences have been held bi-annually by the European Network of Guided Imagery and Music (ENGIM). The conference September 2014 was in Berlin, september 2016  in Athens, Greece, september 2018 was in Thermonfekin near Dublin, Ireland. Next conference will be 21st to 25th of september 2020 near Copenhagen, Denmark.

North American AMI conferences are also held bi-annually.


There is already a considerable body of research material available. Research is ongoing, and resources are available from AMI. Check out our own list of GIM related research literature.

Upcoming Events
joint Scandinavian training module I Oct 20, 2017 - Sep 22, 2019 — Expressive Arts, Stockholm, Sweden
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